Introducing a new line from Two Beards Trading Post - Top Hat Select
All ingredients are 100% Natural and all products are handmade.

Autumn Harvest contains a great combination of the best carrier oils to promote growth and thickness, for the beard. 
This is not one of those dysfunction products, but if you want help to promote growth and have your beard fuller, then this is the oil and butter for you.
Pumpkin Seed Oil – promotes growth, moisturizes, and contains fatty acids to help protect the hair.
Evening Primrose Oil - Strengthens hair and roots by adding moisture resulting in less dryness and breakage. Hair has a beautiful texture and sheen after using this oil. Evening Primrose Oil is believed to improve hair growth and is proven to reduce hair thinning and hair loss.
Black Seed Oil - Helps with growth, hydration, thinning.
Get the set of butter and oil and give your beard the love it craves.

The set contains a 1oz bottle of Oil and a 2oz tin of butter.

Top Hat Select Autumn Harvest Beard Butter and Oil