A cool refreshing blast to your beard first thing, or whenever. Bitchen' Blast is made from minty freshness, even though you know your beard is cool

Shea Butter – Moisturizes hair and skin.
Coconut Oil – Healthier and shiny hair.
Castor Oil – Great for dry skin, helps the hair growth and shine, and helps prevent hair fall. Contains ricinoliec acid andomega-6 fatty acids.

Lemon Essential - stimulates hair growth and helps oily skin.
Peppermint Essential Oil – With antiseptic and antimicrobial properties as well as many minerals and nutrients, peppermint is very good for health and shine for your beard.
Eucalyptus Essential Oil – Good for healthy hair, and stimulates growth.
Lemongrass Essential Oil – Great for dry skin.

100% All Natural and Handmade

2oz Tin

100% Natural Bitchin Blast Beard Butter