What Do You Do When Your Beard Doesn’t Do?

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

Curious question for my bearded brothers, right? Well let me explain. How To Thicken a Thin Beard

We have gifted bearded folks with full, thick, fast growing beards that everyone aspires to have. Those of us that like beards anyway. Then there is another class that can grow a beard fast but not so full and thick. Then we have brothers that have patchy spots and cannot grow a great beard, or so they think, so they give up. And of course there is one more unspoken group that I should not mention (unspoken right?), but… Ok, it’s the group that the significant other says absolutely not because they hate the stubble. Not necessarily a growth problem, but we have a solution for that as well. So, back to the question what to do when the beard doesn’t do?

There are many reasons, one could be your family genetics, it could be your age, or it be your ethnicity. More times than not good beards come with time and patience. But, as with everything they also come with a healthy diet, or close, good conditioning and care, as well as patience. Have I mentioned patience so far? Or, it could be the Testosterone levels, low means not-so-great growth.

What are the answers? I am not a doctor, only a bearded brother contributing my opinion. Should we use a chemical based alternative, no! Maybe a healthier lifestyle would help, less stress for sure. Or changing your genetics, nope sorry, can’t actually be done. A shorter, well-groomed beard could be an answer, especially if you work in an environment that has a tighter hold on your look than you do. All in all I am a firm believer in the natural way such as carrier and essence oils. A good mix can go a long way. There are certain ingredients that promote growth, help fill in patchy areas, and thicken the beard hair (or hair on your head.)

A few ingredients that are very beneficial for growth or for giving your follicles a good kick start are Peppermint Essential Oil, Pumpkin Seed Oil, Black Seed Oil, or even Clove Essential Oils. Are these FDA approved, of course not, and ask yourself why, then you will know why we can still afford these natural products. As I said, a bearded brothers opinion with patience. Have I mentioned patience in this Blog yet?

At Two Beards Trading Post we offer many products for the beard that contain these ingredients and more. We will be introducing Climactic September 1st which includes all of the mentioned ingredients and more, for one reason; to promote growth and fullness to the beard, naturally!

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