Tip O’ the Hat to the New Year

To those we lost in 2021, a tip of the hat to you, to the loving memories we all have and share, and to wishing you blessings beyond. What a year it has been. To not only the bearded brothers out there, but to the families, your loved ones, friends, and to all you know, a tip of the hat to you all. A year I am sure we all can say good riddance to. Indeed, bearded friends, the

next year will be better. How can it not be, we have seen what is not so good, so let us strive to do everything we can to not let this year repeat itself. As I have said about many places I have been, the best view of 2021 is in the rearview mirror. Let us start the new year on a positive note and do something to make us feel better; Tell 2021 it can take itself and shove it right up…

Well, we don’t need any more of the negative. Time to look to the future like children stepping into a candy store for the first time. Eyes wide open with images of fantastical things in our hands and tasting great stuff around the corner.

Let’s ring in 2022 like we have nothing else to lose. Make it loud and proud brothers and sisters.


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