Beards Aren’t Trends, They Are History in the Making

Updated: Apr 14

Hopefully my bearded brothers, or beard enthusiasts, enjoy history as much as I do. Real history of our real ancestors, that is. So, to look back and learn about beards in history is very interesting. Why, who, and what are great questions for the beard curious. We often read or hear of the new trend in beards, but is it really a trend?

Reasons varied through the years for having facial hair. Weather protection, protection in battles, intimidation, but most of all, the beard is a symbol of masculinity. I have read scientists believed that in the early day’s men grew beards to protect themselves from the elements. I don’t know about other men that don beards today, but I myself do not need a scientist to tell me a face covered with hair will help fight off the elements. But I digress. Beards were also grown full and thick to protect the wearer by cushioning the impact of a

blow. Great insulation. A full thick beard intimidated the opponents as it shows strength. A stronger jawline is not to be dared, there was a day when the beard showed honor. The bigger the beard the better, unless the wearer did something that proved them not worthy, and as punishment the beard was cut. Shame by a shave.

It has been said that the beard was making a comeback around 2008. From business style beards to hipster beards, to even the shadow, (very popular.) Through the years I have not noticed a decline in the wearing of the beard, it all depends on where you look. The “bearders” are all around you. The popularity has grown because we are not stifled from wearing them as much. Professionals in many businesses are clean shaven as it looks more appropriate from someone’s point of view, sorry Rick Rubin. Politicians have dropped the facial hair over the generations as it leads to a more trustworthy look, sorry Abe. But contrary to that assumption, the bearded male is believed to be more credible according to research from popular magazines such as Journal of Marketing Communications.

But know this bearded brother, don’t shave it, shape it, because one day you will leave your footprint as well as your beard impression. Generations from now, books will open (digital or stone), and our history will be read, and our beard representations will tell our stories.

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