Be Proud of the Beard

I have always been a little slow when it comes to trends or fads, many of which I could never get into, let alone understand. A simple person in a complex world, that is what I consider myself. Growing up in the 70’s and 80’s was a whirlwind of change. Long hair, but with disco pants, really? Yep, very popular. Thank goodness, not for long, the pants anyway. I kept the hair for as long as nature would let me.

Me and my bride 2001

Ok, early into the 2000’s I was sporting the long hair, not as thick and completely on my head as I would have liked. Genetics had the final say.

Through the years I would grow a small beard, shave it off, grow a goatee, shave it off, and go with the chin strap. My lifelong love, Julie, always wanted the beard, and yes to get rid of the “half-moon a risen” look, but I was fighting back.

This was taken after a Halloween concert in 2004.
Myself and Alice Cooper 2004

Nope, I was going to grow my hair as long as I could for as long as I could. After a final “hoorah” and 118-degree day on the road it came off. A buzz cut at first, then on to the slick head look.

Fast forward many years, we got put on restriction as a society worldwide by a few folks that live in a more complex world then we do. Yes, let’s call it a lockdown. And what do we do when we are living in a remote reality? We stop getting up to shave every day for the people that will not see us, as we are on microphones and web calls 8 hours a day. Technology is the structure for which we abide. But, aside from getting on a rant about political, social, professional downfalls, I was able to start growing the beard I always wanted. Because of this I began experimenting with my own recipes of oils and butters. I wasn’t concerned about people seeing me, as I never left the house. I produced some oils that really helped my beard to look full, and to actually grow pretty fast. The main idea is to use only natural products and to keep it cost effective while being able to make the oils and butters myself, (I have the recipes, lol). The more time went by, the bigger my beard got. I knew the day my mom looked at me and said, “when are you gonna shave that thing off”, I was getting a good beard. Patience my friends. I have since set new sights on more length, fullness, new products, and of course all the while continuing to lead the simple life in a complex world. There is no better feeling than staying true to oneself and giving to others in need.

On this site I would like to start a gallery of great bearded wonders and their stories. Of course it would also be great if the stories contained experiences of the

Two Beards Trading Post products, but everyone has favorites and a great beard is a great beard. Love your beard, you’ll get love back!

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