Two Beards mission is to provide high quality 100% all natural products with a local feel. We not only want to put a smile on the faces that use our products, but also to those that read our products.

July 4th, 2020 we were sitting around the BBQ when one bearded fellow said to another bearded fellow , "you know, we should make beard care and grooming products". Fantastic idea! Two Beards Trading Post was born. No, not literally, the concept was initiated. It took a long drive for us to come up with ideas, or "Flavors" as we like to call them. Then voila, we started joking around with the names of our future beard oil recipes and butters for men's whiskers, we laughed, and the names stuck!

Quite honestly the idea of beard oils and butters is a only part of what Two Beards is all about. Two Beards is a combination of two of my brothers; Two Bears and Myrtle. Better off not knowing how they achieved these great nick names.

Taken way too early from us, but the concept is a tribute to the great laughs and times we had through the years.

Two Bears - to you I remember the great advice, music, and the joy of hanging out with you.

Myrtle - to you my friend I remember our porch meetings also with great music and long discussions of everything from real shit to shit. 
Looking up to you both - Salute!

Works hard to produce the best products for your beard.